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The Team Where OUR Passion, Vision, Dedication, and Love for Beauty Happens!

Jeicoby L, Hair Stylist/Owner

As the owner of Hair by Jeicoby, I pride myself on excellent service and creativity through hair. As a stylist, I ensure that every client walks into a comfortable environment that glorifies and enhances the true essence of beauty, and walks back out feeling their most true self!! This industry has taught me to embrace myself and all the different forms of beauty - this is what I aspire all my clients to do while relaxing and enjoying their time spent in my salon/spa as well!   Keeping up with current trends, trying new techniques, & educational courses on product and tools, are just some of the things I do to motivate the creativity within myself and within my entire staff. I refuse to be “just a hair dresser.” I work to be an inspiration for many who have been told that, just as I was, and provide a new expectation for salons and stylists all over the world.

When you sit in my chair, I will provide you with the fully trusting Jeicoby experience, that will have you feeling like the best version of your self! Please feel free to stop in and say hi or schedule a no charge consultation with me to transform!

Kaity S, Hair Stylist

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Monika B,Hair Stylist

My art background from school and my hobbies in my free time led me to realize that my passions could lead me down a new, exciting path to a career. I decided to go to cosmetology school after many years of dismissing it and even though I wish I had been doing this all along, I feel that there has never been a better time to be in this industry! As a new stylist, I am eager to learn, always following new products and techniques to stay on trend.i love providing clients with the style they have been seeking to achieve and were previously unable to, all while feeling comfortable sitting in my chair. 

Brittanie F, Salon Spa Manager

     When you meet me you'll l know I have a passion for leadership and hospitality!  I love to make people feel warm, welcome and as if we've been friends for forever.  Laughing is good for the soul, I'm sure you'll hear me a mile away, but know you can join in on the fun!

I've been working in management for over six years now and decided to venture out into the beauty world.  I chose to join TouchByJ Hair by Jeicoby Salon Spa team as I believe the salon and staff make a great contribution to the community and especially Manchester!  I've lived in Manchester my entire life and love being part of the growh and positive vibe that the salon/spa embodies!

If you see me around town, please don't hesitate to say hi!

Scott L, Operations Manager/Owner


After almost 19 years in dentistry, I feel I have finally found my passion!!  Although I've been behind the scenes of the salon for the past 3 years, I decided in January 2018 to take the leap of faith and retire from dentistry to become a full time entrepreneur running the day-to-day operations of our Salon Spa.  I love all aspects of running a business, especially the one that Jeicoby and I have created! I've known forever that I wanted to own, run, and grow with a business. TouchByJ Hair By Jeicoby was born and now I am able to thrive on my own passion and purpose. The motivation to challenge myself and team to achieve our own goals and dreams is what keeps this business alive! I love the challenges and the unknown is what makes owning a business interesting and fun.  My biggest personal accomplishment is that I've been able to grow (of course with Jeicoby) to pursue our dream and passion to make people feel great on the inside and out!